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Broke ass amateur comics artist/writer and cosplayer. This is all made by me content, see rachaelreblogs.tumblr.com for reblogs.

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Forgot I sketched this at 1am on my 15 hour train ride a month ago. The ear picker guy’s hat didn’t say “douche” on it, but it very well could have.

Practicing with my new Jot Pro stylus and Paper for iPad.

Glad my cats think my flexible curve is a toy. Been looking all over for it. I found it hidden in their Catpanion Cube, which has seen better days.

All brimped out.

Saints Row cosplay during the Portland Geek Council Olympathon.

Oh shit. What did I get myself into? #FreeComicBookDay #Comics #AgeOfApocalypse #Marvel

Accidentally dressed like Magneto today.

Just got home from the veterinarian, and $900 later we still don’t know exactly what is wrong with Elanor. She ate a little bit of the food they gave her, but she’d lost a pound (roughly 10% of her body weight) since her well check up last month. Her calcium and phosphorus levels were abnormal, so they were sending off more lab work to check her parathyroid function. 

This is my fifth straight month of a substantial unexpected expense. In December my 9 year old cat got sick and eventually passed away, January it was a root canal for a cracked tooth, February it was a crown for my tooth, March it was new brakes for my car.

I guess I am blessed to have not found an apartment so I could actually afford to pay for all this with the savings I’ve accrued.

If you need or know anyone in need of graphics, logo, web design, delicious homemade candy, weird sewing projects, I’d be more than happy to chat about a commission! My blog and website have some of the work I’ve done, but I have a pretty diverse background so don’t hesitate to inquire about a project.